Current Appeal

Dear Friends of Resurrection Catholic Mission,


From the beginning of time, every aging generation thinks the younger one is the laziest, least respectful group to come along. Especially today, when we have the disadvantage of nonstop media telling us how bad things are, we joke that we only see the tops of kids’ heads – they’re looking down at their phones and iPads. And there’s no use trying to talk to them – their ears are stopped up with music and who knows what.


I’m guilty too, on both counts. Not only do I get frustrated, I spend too much time looking at my own electronics. Sadly, it takes time away from people, from my own quiet time, and most importantly, from God.


But I want to bring you some good news. There are young people who are bucking these trends, who reach out to others rather than withdrawing into their own little worlds. You may have heard rumors. I have seen it in action.


In fact, over the next several weeks of Lent, students from five different universities – Creighton, DePaul, Marquette, Portland, and Quincy – once again will sacrifice their Spring Break in service to the poor here in Central Alabama.  Oh, and the kids from UCLA were here not too long ago.


Contrary to popular belief, the faith is being passed down to the next generations.  Young people are hearing the Good News of Christ preached in the Sermon on the Mount and in His last days with the Apostles.  These are the young people of the Beatitudes.  These are the young people who will continue the corporal and spiritual works of mercy (even if they never learned those terms) that you have embraced in your own lives.


Just like you, they are poor in spirit, and hunger and thirst for what is right.  Just like you, they yearn to feed the hungry, visit the sick, and clothe the naked.  Just like you, they pray together, and on their own, for the intentions of those in need.


I always say that I am one of the lucky ones.  I get to see first-hand, day by day, the work of the Gospel being done here at Resurrection Catholic Missions of the South.  Children are educated, the poor have some of their needs met, those in spiritual crisis have a place to turn – and all this occurs through the generosity of people like you.  Won’t you help us once again?


And from Ash Wednesday, throughout this holy season of Lent, it is our privilege to remember you, your loved ones, and your intentions in our Masses and prayers.  May God bless you for your continuing generosity to the least of His sisters and brothers.


Sincerely yours in the Resurrection of Our Lord,



Fr. Manuel Williams, C.R.

Mission Director

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